Pre Private View

Today, during the day before the private view, I have just been doing little bits to touch up on cleaning the floor in my room and put up my wall statement. I decided to have two separate wall statements, one for my large wall piece, and another for my two books. I want to make it really obvious that the swatches are a piece in themselves, rather than just a background for the books.

I also managed to print my business cards, after having to wait over an hour in a queue at brookes print. It seemed like there was a deadline at 1 p.m. for a lot of people, as they were printing off large books of work. If I had know that there were going to be so many deadlines for people on that day, I would have planned out to print the business cards the day before. Despite this I think that the cards came out quite well ; simple and minimal with focus on the colour, which is a good representation of the work I have produced.


After sorting out my own area I briefly helped a peer with a few others to clean his room. He had finished working quite late so the rest of us who were left at the studio chipped in to help clear away things and sweep the floor in his exhibition room.

I then went and got dressed into my outfit and put on my makeup. This is another important part of the private view, as I have chosen my outfit/makeup to go with my pink theme. Hopefully people will see the relationship between my outfit and my work.