Post Private View

Overall, I feel that the private view last night went really well. My idea to coordinate my outfit and make-up to my project also payed off, as even if I wasn’t near my pieces, I had people come up and ask if my work was “the pink wall”.

From overhearing peoples conversations and talking to people, it seemed that people understood what I was trying to portray with the wall and books. One guy wearing a pink shirt walked into the room and his family asked him “which one is yours?” (i.e. which swatch matched his shirt). I also had an in depth conversation with a lady about colour and how subtle it is when changing what you mix. She said she worked with dying wool and fabrics, so she said that colour and subtle gradations of colour are really interesting to her.

It also seemed to be a good idea to have business cards, as people have found my instagram page through it. There was an open day at the uni today, and I’ve had two artists comment on my instagram post of the wall, saying that they “loved seeing your[my] work this morning” .

Unfortunately at the time I didn’t think about taking photos of people interacting with my work. Also, if I redid this, I would seriously consider having the tape peeling be part of the private show as a live performance piece.


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