Final Two Lines

Today I started on the final two lines of the gradient on my wall. Instead of doing each line after the next, as I have done for the rest of the wall, I have started to do a lighter shade as I go along, meaning I do these last two rows at the same time. This therefore means that it is easier and quicker to get the correct shade for the last row.

While I don’t need a ladder to be able to paint the last squares; only needing a step ladder with the paint brush extending my reach, I am not tall enough to reach the top line to put the masking tape down. I had looked round to see if I could find the ladder I had used when I was marking out the grid, however all the ladders are being used. Therefore, I asked James (who is at least a head taller than me) if he would be able to help and put the masking tape on the last and highest row. After this I was then able to start on the these rows, and I should be finished painting by tomorrow.

wall gradient painnnn


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