Finished Books

After yesterdays problems with the colour, I found that the problems weren’t over. Although most of the book had printed properly, I realised this morning that the first section of the book had printed its pages on the wrong side of the fold. This meant the page numbers appeared on the inside corners of the pages, and not the outside corners. Thankfully this wasn’t too difficult to fix, as I went to Ruth first thing in the morning and she helped me reprint the first sections for both the books.

Ruth then helped me through the process of actually binding my books.

  1. Fold each page at the crop lines, keeping them within their small bundle of 8 pages.


2. Use an awl to make holes along the folds of each page.

3. Stitch each of the sections together using a specific stitch.


4. Use PVA glue to glue the sections together. Leave to dry for 10 minutes before coming back to glue some fabric to the spine.


5. Using the inkjet printer I printed my two front covers, allowing space for the spine.


6. Measure out the spine and a small section of the page and glue the cover to the book.


The books were then cut at the crop marks and they were finished. Even though they have taken allot longer than I had anticipated, I am really happy with how they came out. I’m also really glad that I decided to print them myself, as if I had sent them off to be printed elsewhere, and the colours had been printed wrong, there would have been little that I could have done to make it right in time for the private view.

Since printing had taken up the entire day, I also went to talk to David to ask if he would be able to help me tomorrow with how to use spirit levels and ladders so that I can start measuring out the grid for my wall.


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