Organising Plinths + Print Problems

Today, for the morning James and I went through all the unused plinths, and cataloged them on lists as either spare wood or full flat pack plinths. This is so that if anyone decides that they need a plinth after yesterday, they can easily look through the list to see if we already had a suitable plinth for them, rather than having to build a new one.

In the afternoon I had booked in to make my books with Ruth at 1, however after printing the first book, I found the colours had printed out completely differently to how they had printed out on my test print before. It seems that printing from different applications can drastically alter the colours – my test print I had printed from a pdf, and for the booklet I was having to print from indesign.

While I was frantically trying to sort out the colours, Visual Communications tutor Karl had come in to the computer room and found my sheets of colour spread out across the desks. He then lent me his Pantone colour catalogue to try and see if I could rematch up the colours using it.


Finally after allot of frustration, I think I finally have it all printed correctly with the right colours. Although I was planning to have finished the books today, I will need to come back and see Ruth tomorrow to actually start binding the books.


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