Pet Name/Catcall Survey Results

For my pet names/catcalling survey I received 138 responses. One of the more striking things is the difference between responses from females and nonbinary, vs males. There are only 4 out of the 54 male respondents who actually said they had been catcalled. Even stranger was that 18 out of the 54 male respondents shared any pet names they get given. Either they really don’t get called pet names, or it’s as if being called pet names would somehow damage their anonymous image.

Below are word clouds of the responses that I got from female respondents. The first is of the frequencey of catcalls, and the second is the frequencey of pet names. After having discussed my ideas with my SO (who identifies as non-binary) and their friends (also non-binary), I have decided not to include any responses from people who identify as non-binary like I had originally thought about doing. They felt that since the project is about the fact that pink has been assigned a gender, including their responses would be as if I am also assigning them a gender.



Interestingly allot of the names appear frequently on both, yet a large majority of people said that they liked pet names. This shows that its not exactly what you say, but how and who is saying it. Additionally, not all people who were given pet names said that they actually like them. Even though it is something that is often meant as an endearment, I have found from talking to various people that they can find it demeaning.

From these responses I have made a list that I am going to use when looking at the collection of shades I have created. As I go through the shades I will use this list to name each shade accordingly.


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