Development Into Two Books

Today when I started to compile a list of names for my collection of colours from my surveys I found that I had two problems.

One problem was that from my ‘first names’ survey, the data I am collecting is so vast and varied that most names only come up once. I would need to collect an extremely large amount of data for it to start generating an accurate representation of name popularity. To solve this I think I will look up what the most popular female baby names were in 1997 (the year I was born) and then use this to name some of the colours. 

The second problem I have found is that the list of catcalls/pet names mixed in with the popular baby names, doesnt look like a cohesive list. The mix looks and sounds odd. For this reason I think I will make two books, one named after catcalls and petnames, and another named after popular baby names. The catcalls book would be made up of the new gradient of colours I have created, while the the baby names book would be made of the original set of 38 colours I generated from my original collection of pink photos. I could also display a book of the printed pink photos along side it as a colour matching reference. 


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