Swatch List 1

In order to create my collection of colours for my book and wall paintings, I have tried out different methods of creating gradients.

Originally I used Adobe Illustrator to create a grid of evenly spaced boxes to fill with colour, and then tried to use the colour picker tool to put shades in place. This was very difficult as I want to have a gradient square between different types of pink as well as the shade. By trying to pick each individual one it was really hard to have a system, to make sure that the colour matched each direction of the gradient (up down, left right, and diagonal).

I then tried painting a wide range of random swatches of colour, and then attempted to organise them into a gradient. Ideally I would have then taken a photo of the gradient, and used the eyedropper tool to get the colour codes. However, this method was very time consuming, and there were gaps as I had not painted a swatch to fit inbetween certain shades.


After this second idea failed, I decided to try to use photoshop again. While it is easy to make a linear gradient on photoshop, I want to use multiple types of pink in different corners of a gradient. To achieve this, I first tested out creating two linear gradients of light and dark shades – placing these at the top and bottom of a page. I then used the eyedropper tool to select colours along the two gradients and then created a new series of gradients between the two. Although this half worked in a way, there were many things I didn’t like about how it came out :

  • there were faint stripes down as some parts of the gradient didn’t fit together well.
  • I wanted more colours within the gradient between the two top and bottom colours

It was also a very time consuming process, that didn’t really seem worth it for the the outcome.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.45.24

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 14.47.46




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