Name Survey

From my list of ‘ways to decide what to name the colours’ I decided that using female names would be best fitting with my research. At the very start of the project I did a survey asking people what their immediate associations with the colour pink were. The overwhelming majority were awnsers such as ‘girly’ ‘feminine’ and ‘female’. Other answers were also things that are often closely related with femininity such as ‘cute’ ‘flowers’ and ‘princess’. It is as if society has given the colour pink a gender ; female. Obviously there are exceptions to this, but from the average percpective, pink is a female colour. 

To represent this I want to use female names. I think it would be interesting also to look at catcalling and pet names, as words that are used to “name” females. Yo collect this data, I have created 2 surveys; 1) asking for first names to guage popularity of first names and 2) asking people if they have been catcalled/been called petnames and so, what sort of names have they been called.


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