Slime Poking

From the feedback from my tutorial with Alison yesterday, I decided to not only paint my nails pink, but to actually buy some fake pink press on nails. I don’t have very long nails at the moment, so to make some slime poking videos as aesthetically pleasing as possible, I thought that putting on fake nails would help.

It turns out that doing anything with long nails that you’re not used to, is very difficult. As you can see at the start of the video I have trouble even taking the slime out of the container. The video then ended up being out of focus completely, as I hadn’t set the focus as close as where I put the slime. It ended up that one of my fake nails actually came off in the slime, so I decided to take them all off and then just paint them pink.

I still don’t particularly like the results. There are lots of things that i can see wrong with the video; the lighting is too dark and I feel like my hands take up too much of the frame. The lighting could be improved by adding in extra lamps, however I’m not sure of how to lessen the presence of my hands in the frame. I tried lots of different ways, but my hands just end up taking up so much space. Even when trying with a different kind of slime (more liquidy) it didn’t make a difference.

Although it would be nice to try and redo this slime video with better lighting and maybe a better microphone to pick up the sounds of the slime, I feel like it would be more beneficial and productive if I just concentrate on my swatches and book. Rather than making 3 average pieces, I’d rather forget about doing the video and fully concentrate on making the swatches and book the best as it possibly can be.


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