Paint Swatches

To further develop my “swatches” idea, I thought about maybe painting squares of colour directly onto a wall. I like the idea of it being a temporary piece that is ingrained into the space it’s exhibited in. It would also then solve the problem of the shelves preventing the piece to reach its “ultimate satisfying” look. Although I did like the idea of people being able to take swatches away, I don’t think that this is the main goal of the piece. I feel like the focus should be the satisfying look, and the range of different shades. 

As well as this, I do still think that the colour names and hex codes are also important to the piece. The process of naming and categorising has been a major part of my research and development so I want to keep this part of the idea by possibly making a book of all the colours I paint. The layout of the swatch pages would be as I have developed, and would be presented on a plinth infront of or near the swatch wall, allowing viewers to look through and try and match the prints with the wall. 

The problem with this would be, that often a printed version of a colour can be different to the electronic version. To solve this I could possibly print out all the swatches before hand, and then match the colours up to that while I am painting. 


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