Swatch Card – Exhibition Idea


  • Seeing all the colours in gradient order would be very satisfying and appealing to look at.
  • It would invite the viewer to interact and take ‘a piece of pink’ for their own.
  • It includes the research I have done on colour codes and the process of naming colours.
  • There is lots of meaning behind the piece depending on what I name the shades. Also the idea of people ‘owning’ a shade of pink, which which seems impossible and pointless at the same time; like being able to own a bit of the moon or naming a star. 
  • It includes the idea of colour matching as viewers could use the swatch cards to match other pink things to it.


  • The shelves holding the swatch cards may get in the way of it looking completely sleek and satisfying.
  • As people take away shades, I would need to have more shades printed to replenish them as they get taken.

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