Dripping Slime – Exhibition Idea Reflection


  • It would encompass a theme of colour matching that I have been doing throughout my exploration of the colour pink.
  • It would have a look and feel of satisfaction- something that I want to include in my final piece, as I want the viewer to question why do they find it satisfying to look at. 
  • It would invite the viewer to interact with the piece. If I didnt have a sign explicitly telling people to touch it, it would also create an element of temptation.


  • There’s no focus on colour codes or names, which has been a very important part of my research and development. 
  • Although it may be satisfying to play with the slime, I dont think that the overall look would be slick and clean enough. 
  • Slime can harden if it’s left to the air too long. This would mean that it needs to be constantly moved and stretched, or it needs to spend time in a container after a while. It can also get sticky over time, so either I or people invidulation may need to add extra borax to it. 
  • I don’t think that the idea conveys the meaning of the colour pink well, rather it is just using the colour pink for aesthetic reasons. 

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