Colour Perception Survey Result Analysis 

The results from my colour perception survey and the colour swatches that I used can be found here, but this is a summary of the interesting points. Overall I received 619 responses before it began to loose momentum and I decided to close it for replies. It is so much more than I was expecting, so I am very happy with this.

Overall there were only two colours that everyone completely agreed on. A bright yellow, and a mint green.

Two other shades were very split between two different colours. The first swatch had 350 responses calling it blue, and 269 responses calling it purple. The second swatch created even more controversy as many people commented on my actual post on reddit, stating there frustration at there not being a ‘teal’ option. In the end the majority called it green with 381 responses calling it green and 236 responses calling it blue.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 13.42.28

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 08.44.45 copy

Looking at the pink shades in particular, there wasn’t too much debate over them apart from that none of them were considered solidly pink. The one shade that most people struggled with was the first swatch below, that had 371 responses calling it red and 231 responses calling it pink. The second shade had 448 responses calling it pink, but also 145 responses calling it purple. All the pink shades seemed to revolve around either pink, red or purple (along with some smaller minority responses, but these are the dominating responses).

As well as these colours that had large responses calling them pink, throughout the survey there were other colours that had small groups of responses calling them pink. 8 responses called the first swatch below pink, verses the 574 responses who called it yellow. The second had 20 people calling it pink in comparison to 510 people calling it grey.


Since I didn’t think I would receive many replies I had chosen to use a multiple choice style answering, as this would be easier to analyse, even if I didn’t get too many responses. However, after receiving this much interest, it has made me think about possibly re doing the survey and allowing people to name the colours themselves, as lots of people commented about what they would name certain colours given the chance.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 10.15.34 copy


On my actual post on reddit where I put the link, I also had lots of comments for suggestions on how the survey could be improved. If I were to do this survey again, there are a few things that I would change. First I would allow people to name the colours themselves and secondly I would consider adding an option to say what country they are from, to see if perception of colour changes depending on where in the world you have grown up in. As for using this research to further along my project, it has given me an insight to what people actually consider to be colour, rather than just their associations with it. I find it really interesting that people can see and consider colour differently from person to person, and this is something that I want to explore further in my project.


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