Light Bulb Smash

Today, as an experiment, my friend James suggested that I try filling one of the many light bulbs I had on my desk with slime, and then film it being dropped and smashed. We worked together to try and get the end of the light bulb off, and then fill it with slime. I then filmed him dropping the light bulb on the floor. To make sure that the slime was contained and didn’t stick to anything badly, we put down some plastic sheets onto the floor and the walls.


With the first attempt I had the camera angled too high up, so I got the falling but not the actual smashing, so we had to redo everything with a second light bulb. This one turned out a lot better, however I would need to slow down the video to see anything in detail. I also had to use the camera on my phone as it was the only thing I had access to at short notice, so the image came out quite grainy.




I would like to redo this light bulb smashing, but with a DSLR and using a tripod to keep it steady. This way when I slow the video down, it shouldn’t end up so ‘stop-start’. I would also have the camera zoomed in or a lot closer to the point where it actually smashes – as this is the interesting part which should have the most focus.


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