Spray Painted TV

One of the ideas I have to move my project forward is to collect lots of objects and turn them all pink. Loosely based on Sophie Calle’s ‘Chromatic Diet’ I want to possible create a ‘Chromatic Life’ – all pink. I have collected 2 retro box TV’s within the past few months and to test out how well this ‘turning everything pink’ idea would work out, I experimented with spray painting one of them pink.

I really like how it turned out, however I should have dusted it before spraying, as there are fine dust particles that you can see more obviously now that they are spray painted pink. Despite this I still think it looks good, however I feel like it might look better if I glued rhinestones to it in places. I also collected two teapots from a friend – Hannah – that I might paint and add the collection of growing pink.

To further this idea, I think I may also look in some charity shops to buy clothes that are typically ‘male’ and then bleach and dye them pink. This would be in relation to that fact that pink has seemingly been given a female gender, and the distinct lack of pink clothes for boys in the baby/toddler section.


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