Group Crit – Research Sheets

Today we had a general group crit to go over our research sheets. Myfanwy (my tutor) went over everyone’s sheets going through what needed to be done to improve it. Some general points she mentioned were: 

  • The images must be placed with an even gap around the edge.
  • If there needs to be a difference in gap, the bottom should be larger than the top.
  • Artists names should be written clearly with the corresponding image.
  • No own drawimg should be on the research sheet.

For my research sheet (a sheet of mounted results from my Colour Ascociations Survey) Myfanwy also said that I needed to have a label in the bottom right corner to explain briefly what the sheet was showing – I had had to explain it to her verbally. I noticed also that when she held up the sheet from afar that, while all the images were parallel to each other, they were sloping very badly on the page. 

To improve this sheet I am going to cut and remount the images, using a ruler and set square to make sure they are parrallel to the edge of the page. I will make sure to do this with the rest of my pages and also provide a short explanation of the page if needed. 


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