Pink Hair

With my newly dyed pink hair, I decided to take some photos of myself using a tripod and a self timer. When in Primark the other day I had found some really nice pink iridescent paper that I thought would look really good as a background for some photos.

To start with I found it quite difficult to get the photos to look good, since it was late when I was doing this, I had to use my main bedroom light, which again like the hair dying video, is very tuscan. It also meant that I had to have the shutter speed slower to allow more light in, that in turn resulted in slightly blurry photos.


However, after turning on the flash I ended up with some really nice accidental double image photos. The light also reflected off the shiny paper really nicely and created a cool effect with the colours of the highlights on my skin.

IMG_6433 copy

Although at the start I had been wearing a pink t-shirt, I decided that it was getting in the way of the main focus which was the pink colour of my hair and makeup. I feel like the results of not wearing a top look allot better than with. For a comparison I also tried out wearing a baby pink hoodie, however I feel that this obstructs even more.


Overall I am pretty happy with how these came out. I really like how they look and I feel like I want to develop them further. As another photo-shoot, I could set up fully enveloping myself in pink. I could buy a pink bath bomb from somewhere like lush, and then use the pink paper, as a pink backdrop to a pink bath.


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