Hair Dye

For this project I want to fully explore the colour pink, thus naturally the first step is to become pink itself. I started this by dying my hair pink, and filming the process. I really like how the angles came out. I had tried lots of different ways before settling on the final set up of the focus of my face in the small mirror, rather than full focus. I think that this obscures me as a person and puts more emphasis on the transformation from blonde to pink.

I also like the mixing of the dye at the start of the video, again replication the process of one colour turning into pink. I left the audio silent apart from the ambience sounds already created – thus the video is mostly silent apart from a few strong noises – hair being brushed and clattering of the box of dye. This gives a stark contrast to the strong, bright and, often considered, happy, pink colour of the dye.

Some of the things that didn’t come out so well was the overall colour of the video. Since I did this in my bathroom at night, I had to put on the main light which is very tuscan. This gave the video an overall sepia tone, blending allot of the colours together. Although I have tried to offset these sepia tones in post-production, it’s very difficult to take it away without dulling the colour of the dye.

Also when filming I hadn’t thought about filming the process of me washing the dye out, and drying my hair for the complete transformation. At the moment, the way it ends seems very abrupt and unfinished.

If I was to redo this video, I would definitely film the rest of the process. I would also consider trying to film at a time where there would be natural light. Or I could use a blue-white light and use that instead of the main tuscan lamp.


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