Pantone – “Color Intelligence”

Building on what I have explored in my personal journal, I have researched more into the “Color of the Year” colours. I have also looked at Pantone’s instagram account as it is a good source for the promotion of their colours. Since they only started the instagram in 2012, I was only able to see how they promoted the colour ‘Rose Quartz’, but it’s still really interesting.

From their instagram posts about ‘Rose Quartz’, Pantone definitely market the colour pink as happy and uplifting colour. In an article written by Pantone’s vice-president, Laurie Pressman, pink is a ‘most welcoming’ and ‘optimistic’ colour group – refrencing to the phrase of looking through ‘rose-tinted glasses’. This ‘rose-tinted glasses’ image is also used in the promotion of Rose Quartz as a way of linking the colour to feeling.

By the way that Pantone describes the colour pink, I feel like pink is the colour we need at the moment, as a response to all the wrong in the world. In the article mentioned previously, they also talk about how different shades of pink can have different connotations – whilst still being in the light, and optimistic spectrum. It would be interesting to see what peoples responses are to different shade of pink. I could create a collection of my own shades of pink, and see how people react to them.

As well as looking at their meanings of the colour pink, Pantone also feature products and collections of items on their instagram.

I really like the visual layout of matching objects to a shade, and it has inspired other people to create their own ‘Pantones’, with either matching food and objects, or making smoothies and completely new “shades”.

Again I really like the idea of categorising colours and shades. Colour seems to hold so much meaning and significance to people, so in a ways it’s also like categorising feelings. I want to explore this more by sorting out my growing collection of pink into shades and possible emotion or meaning.


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