Portia Munson – Pink Project

The Pink Project is a collection of pink items that artist Portia Munson has been collecting since the late 1980’s. Something that hadn’t started of as an art piece, Munson first showed the collection as a whole in 1994.


The collection features a range of ‘hair clips, pacifiers, fake fingernails, combs, dildos, cleaning products, toys, tampon applicators, kitchen gadgets and hundreds of other items’. It seems to be a collection of items that are designed to be attractive to females, and from a first glance it looks like it is aimed at specifically young females. However after a closer look there are adult toys that obviously wouldn’t be aimed at young girls, but they are still presented in a sickly sweet shade of pink.

I really like this idea of collecting things that are pink, however I don’t exactly have the money to buy pink things wherever I go. Instead I could take photos of pink things that I see, and then start making a collection of pink images instead of actual physical things.


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