Sophie Calle – The Chromatic Diet

In 1997, artist Sophie Caller recreated the meal plan of the fictional character Maria from Paul Auster’s book ‘Leviathan’. The character was inspired by Caller, who talks about going through the ‘the same rituals’ as the character. One of these ‘rituals’ in the book, was a restriction of colour on the foods that she ate. Sophie Caller recreated this, but also adding her own days friday, saturday and sunday, as these were not included in the written plan.







One of the things that I found quite interesting was the desert on Friday, called “Young Girl’s Dream” . The name in relation to the phallic appearance of the desert seems to be quite paedophilic. I wondered if this was a popular dessert that was around in the 90’s, so I did some research. It seems that it is actually based on one of Calle’s own experiences.


I quite like how each day was assigned a different colour. It reminded me of the famous quote from Mean Girls ; “On Wednesday’s, we wear pink”. I feel like I could do a similar sort of idea, with different shades of pink. I feel that different shades have different meanings, so isolating food or clothes to a certain shade each day could be quite interesting.


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