Colour Association Survey Results

After putting up the correct link for my survey I managed to actually receive a good range of responses from 50 people. It was also a good idea to change the multiple choice part of the questions about association to text comments, because it’s really interesting to look at what people think of according to colour.

I made word clouds of the comments, to see visually the most common answers. Although I was really only doing this for the pink colour, it’s interesting to see what people think about blue and red as a comparison.

red smartblue smartpink smart


Top 5 Responses to the colour Red

12 blood
5 aggression
4 love
3 violence
3 anger

Top 5 Responses to the colour Blue

16 sky
8 water
6 calm
6 sea
5 ocean

Top 5 Responses to the colour Pink

7 flowers
5 femininity
5 girly
5 love
3 feminine

While both red and blue’s top response is very clearly something physical that you can see (blood, the sky), pink’s top response is less of a clear definition. While the most common response by word is something physical – flowers – there is less of a clear lead than the others.

  • 5 femininity
  • 5 girly
  • 3 feminine
  • 3 girls
  • 3 girl
  • 1 feminine
  • 1 female

Above is a list of the responses that say the word ‘female’ in some shape or form, and added together that makes 21 responses – a much clearer lead over the ‘7 flowers’. It also shows that people do actually feel like pink is a female colour. Most of the other words are also things that we would generally associate with femininity (princess, doll, dress, barbie), adding to this idea.

Whilst I had far more responses from females than males (29 vs 16) there seems to be trends in the responses from each side.

Most Common Responses About the colour pink From Males

3 feminine
2 femininity
1 female
1 girls

Most Common Responses About the colour pink From Females

5 girly
5 girl
3 love
2 femininity
1 feminism

From this, it seems that females put down the colour more than males. While both genders assign the female gender to the colour pink, female respondents seem to say it in a more derogatory way (one person even saying ‘girly shit’ and another responding ‘eh’). 6 out of the total 8 people who said that pink  was their least preferred colour identified as female. This could be because of the fact that it seems to be assigned to females, and they hate this fact, but it is something I want to research more about.

Other Interesting Responses

  • The colour pink has allot more responses associated to youth (girl, baby, young, cute) whereas red were more adult (adult, sexy, woman, porn). It seems similar to when baby boys would where pink, as it was like a ‘younger’ version of red that the men wore.
  • One response who was male associated the colour pink with ‘powerful’.
  • While pink is on par with yellow, purple and brown as being the least preferred colours, it is also the second least chosen colour for most preferred.


While I have allot of responses, most of the people who replied where around the same age group – 18 to 24. It would be good to try and get more responses from older and younger people, to see if their associations are different. Also, while I did get two responses from people who identified as non-binary, it’s not enough to to analyse. It would be interesting to see more responses from people who identify as non-binary, as it seems that the colour pink has been given a gender.



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