After the tutorial I had with Alison on Wednesday, I decided to go to Mothercare to do some research into baby clothes. I wanted to see if the stereotype that baby clothes are gendered by colours – e.g. pink vs blue.

While there are allot of “pink” and “blue” sections in the baby clothes area, there doesn’t seem to be defined gender sections. Rather that this is a way of separating the colours, as there were also white yellow sections too.

So from ages 0-36 months it seems that the clothes at Mothercare aren’t gendered. This obviously will be different to how the consumers view the products, as I predict it is likely for people to pick the coloured clothes “according” to the gender of their baby. It would be interesting to survey people and find out if this is true.


After babies grow into toddlerhood and childhood however, this is when the clothes are sectioned into the genders ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. Immediately there seems to be a divide of colours with even the signs for the clothes accented with pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

The thing that I found the most interesting was, that while the stereotype that pink is for girls and blue is for boys does exist, it felt more that the boys aren’t allowed to wear pink. While the girls section has an array of coloured clothes (predominantly pink but also including blue and other colours) the boys clothes has no pink at all.



From this research I want to do some surveys to find out what the public thinks about the colour pink. Although I can make predictions, it would be interesting to get real responses.


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