Tutorial With Alison

After talking with Alison, I feel allot more confident in pursuing the idea to explore the colour pink for my project. We discussed different things that I could explore, especially looking at it’s associations towards gender, suggesting that I look at baby clothes and the idea of nature vs nurture (do little girls like pink because we tell them to, or is it something that is genetic). She also suggested that I could create my own pink, like “Yves Klein Blue”. From this tutorial I plan to organises a trip to mothercare, and also start exploring what society associates with the colour pink. I am also going to look at the list of artists that Alison had also suggested to me;

  • Portia Munson – The Pink Project
  • Sophie Calle – Chromatic Diet
  •  Mariko Mori
  • Lilyvander Stokker
  • Masie Cousins
  • David Lachapelle
  • John Walters

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