Tate Modern; Neo Bankside

While trying20170316_143437 to finalise what I should do my final major project on, I went to different galleries and parts of London. While I did enjoy the art, I was mostly inspired by the view at the top of the new Tate Modern.

You can see right into the flats next door, as if they are an exhibition themselves. The way the apartments are furnished and laid out also adds to this, as they look like they are all done in a similar style.

After a search on the internet, I found many articles about the inhabitants complaining about invasion of privacy, which has inspired me to explore the idea of privacy and voyeurism. It’s very common to be nosy, and I often look in windows of houses when I walk past. Where I live is the middle of a crowded close of an estate, and I can see into peoples houses whichever way I face, so if you buy an apartment with glass walls, it should be expected that people will be able to look in.

Neo Bankside residents should add net curtains to stop gallery visitors spying says Tate director

Residents overlooked by Tate Modern extension should ‘get net curtains’

Neighbours’ fury as the new observation deck at the Tate Modern art gallery lets visitors PEER into their luxury flats


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