Skrid Review


Overall, I’m not very happy with how this came out. I really like the idea behind, but there are so many flaws that I think could be made so much better. Since I was pushed for time, I ended up only writing one word of the full intended phrase (Skrid ud fra min Band). Although it would have been allot better with the full sentence, the one word Skrid does mean either “Scram” , “Slip” or “fuck off”, so in that sense, it isn’t a complete loss.

If I did this again (which I may as I really like the concept) I would definitely have to get some extra materials. Although the UV did glow through the frosted tubing, it is slightly dulled in comparison to it glowing through the glass jar I had when testing. I would therefore look to get some clear plastic tubing instead of the frosted. I would also get some MDF to use as a board to fix it to, as the papers is obviously too flexible to be a sign. Instead of masking tape I should’ve also used black gaffer tape, as the masking tape didn’t keep the letters in place very well.


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