UV Tubing Tests

Today I tested out the logistics of how I’m going to paint my plastic tubing with UV paint, and also how I was going to shape the sign. I first tested out on small bits of the fish tank tubing I had bought. I threaded modelling wire inside which seemed to work really well with giving it shape. I then started to test out if I would be able to paint the outside of the tubing with the UV paint I have- this failed as the paint is very very liquidy, so the paint just ran off the tubing.

I then tested out filling the tube with the paint mixed with some water (as I only have a small bottle of the paint) instead, and using my blacklight to make sure you would be able to see the effects still through the tube. Although you could still see the glowing effect, it was hard to keep the liquid inside the tube. I tried using blue tack and masking tape to block one end, but the liquidness watered down the stickiness of both, making them fall off.



Although the paint I had been using was specifically designed to be UV paints, I also had picked up a bottle of cheap “neon” paint from the supermarket. I decided to try and see if this would glow under the lamp, and it did. Because it is cheap and I have a much bigger bottle, I can use this completely in it’s paint form without having to water it down. This means that as the paint is already quite thick, it won’t water down the stickiness of the masking tape.



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