Skrid Neon Sign Inspiration


In the week after coming back from Copenhagen we are to create a piece of art inspired by our experiences on the trip. On one of the days, a friend and I went to the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen, and whilst there, I took this photo of some basic graffiti. The rest of Copenhagen has quite allot of graffiti and signs, but in this area, the basic handwriting looked so out of place. There was no other graffiti around, and the buildings were all either greenhouses or looked like well kept ornate manor houses. I took the photo with the intention of translating it when I got back to England to see what was so important that someone had to write it here.

At first I had some problems as I thought it said ‘Skvid ud fva min Band’. It turns out that the v’s are actually r’s. ‘Skrid ud fra min Band’ means either ‘Slip from my band’ – (google translate) or more likely ‘get the fuck out of my band’ – (using dictionary).

I really like this phrase so I want to try and combine it with a neon sign – something that was all over Copenhagen.


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