The Flood Animation Development

As I had said in the review of my Light and Time project, I wanted to create an animation version of my film. I had started to continuously develop this animation alongside while I did my other projects, however it has changed quite allot from my original vision for it.

Originally I was going to hand draw and then photograph each frame, however I soon realised that this was a very long process to do something that would be quicker and look allot cleaner on the computer. Although I wanted to capture the ink and water effect from my original storyboard, I did want it to look allot more sleek and clean – something that using a computer would enable me to do.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 18.01.31

Above is the original artwork I drew using a wacom drawing tablet and adobe Photoshop. I worked on this animation in my spare free time, however once I was reaching over 200 frames with the drips barely half way down the tree, I realised that I was probably being too detailed with each frame. Since I had been working on it for so long I also no longer liked how black and white the image was and wanted to bring in colour.


Using my new knowledge from being in the process of creating the pixel art for my video game, I made a pixel art version of the idea, with a moody purple/pink colour palette. I really like how this looks, and it’s allot quicker and easier to animate, as I can separate each frame into pixels.


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