Winter Lights at Canary Wharf

Last night I went to an exhibition of light sculptures in Canary Wharf. I really liked the colours and also the scale of which the sculptures were – it put your own size into perspective. I also really liked how they were dotted around the area of Canary Wharf, and you were left to use a map to look around and find the pieces. This allowed me to also explore Canary wharf at night, a place I haven’t ever been to before.

Although I did really like the artwork, I have to say that I was more impressed by the architecture and the lights of Canary Wharf itself. I love how there are different levels of it, even an “underground” shopping center, so you’re not really sure if the level you’re on is the ‘ground floor’. The height of all the buildings around add to this, messing with your sense of scale and place. One of my favourite areas was the rooftop garden on one of the buildings. I love the combination of the plants and the triangular half roof, with the skyscrapers in the background.


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