Lion Development

As I want to have quite a nostalgic and old school style of art that makes it very obvious that it is a video game, I am drawing all the sprites in the game in a pixel art style. Looking at various aspects of my research, this week I developed the Aegean lion statues into a pixel art style.

At first I found it very difficult to convert it into the style I wanted. I ended up completely scrapping the first attempt as I had started way to big- pixel art sprites usually should only be a very small amount of pixels. I also found it really difficult to get the right colours. On this scale, I found that the colours I used for the highlighting and shading of objects were very specific if I wanted to make sure it all looked like the same object.

My second attempt went allot better as I scaled down the amount of pixels I was using even further. Although I thought that this would make it harder, as there’s less space for details, I feel that the lack of details is actually what makes it look better.

Comparison of the first attempt and the finished sprite



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