Pixel Art Research

I really liked this general idea and look for the background from this video, and it seemed easy to follow as it didn’t work on a grid based tile system. However it was made in Game Maker which is a program I don’t have access to. Even so I could go back to this tutorial for ideas and inspiration of placement of objects.

This “speed spriting” of a pixel map could help allot in terms of colours and also creating my own tiled map. They use a program called Pyxel Edit, which has a free download that I could try out using instead of using photoshop to create my artwork.

Below is a pinterest board I made of various different styles of pixel art. Through this research I found that when it comes to pixel art, outlines are often not need, and the general shape of the objects are very simple. It’s the colours and shading inside that gives it its shape. I particularly liked the sheet of office equipment, and I kept coming back to it if I found that my shapes were becoming to complicated.

I also made a pinterest board of different colour theory tutorials. As I learned from starting to try and create my artwork without much research, the colour palette in pixel art is very important.


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