Unity Research

Below are a collection of YouTube videos and online tutorials that I think will help aid me learning to program my game.

The above video and many of the following videos in the playlist seem to really good and easy to follow. I’ve been following the first few videos and testing it out to make sure it works, and it seems to be doing really well. This means I could apply this to my own game. The basis of my game has allot of the controls of an RPG game, which is why I’m primarily researching tutorials for RPG styled games – I won’t need to do any of the enemy mechanics, or health bars though as I want the game to be purely based on a single choice.

Since the text in my game is going to be a very big part of it, I have researched lots of ways to get a scrolling text box. I specifically want it to type out each letter, like allot of video games too, so this is really important.

In the first tutorial I’ve found that to make the maps of the game, they use a program called Tiled. While I have downloaded and played around with it, you then also need another program to convert the maps into Unity. There isn’t a download for Mac of this program, so I’ve researched other ways to make the collisions on my map. The Unity website itself has a good simple tutorial on using box colliders that I could follow – it also has a transcript of the script below making it really easy to read through along with the video.


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