Game Engines

Game Maker


  • It has lots of resources across the internet in forums and YouTube videos for helping non-programmers, start with the basics.
  • From screenshots and videos, it seems really user friendly, with an easy to understand interface.
  • Can be used without having to learn script if the game is simple enough, as the engine has lots of drag and drop tools.
  • Games that I have researched as inspiration for the artwork and mechanics in my own game, are made using Game Maker: Studio. ; Hyper Light Drifter and Undertale


  • Although it is free to download a trial, the free version is only available for windows. I only have access to Mac and Ubuntu, and I can’t afford to pay for either of those versions.


Adobe Animate (Formerly Flash)


  • I already own adobe Flash, so I wouldn’t need to download any new programs.
  • Adobe has lots of online resources for learning actionscript3, and using Flash to develop games.
  • There are also a few online tutorial on youtube for very basic games in Flash.


  • Actionscript3 is very hard to learn.
  • All of the controls seem to be through script, whereas Game Maker uses allot of manual controls. This could get very confusing.
  • Although there are some tutorials, there are a very little amount of good videos online to help figure out the controls and script writing.




  • Uses a mixture of C# scripting and manual controls. C# also doesn’t look too difficult to understand the basics of.
  • The “Personal Plan” has a free download for Mac, meaning I will be able to download it. It also has many of the features that are available to the premium settings, and stays free until you make over a certain amount of money from the game.
  • There are lots of online tutorials on YouTube and forums on the basics of using Unity, and also more advanced parts of it.
  • Unity itself also has allot of tutorials and video guides available on it’s site.



  • It is primarily advertised as an engine to develop 3D games. Many of the famous successful games made in Unity are mainly 3-dimensional; Pokemon GO, Firewatch. Despite this, there is a 2D developing option, and many of the YouTube tutorials I have looked at are for 2D games. Other successful games from Unity are also 2D as well; Ori and the Blind Forest. 










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