Fused Glass Review

Instead of doing an A1 research sheet for my fused glass artist, I decided to do a series of sketchbook pages instead. I found this way of working allot easier, and I think that it looks more interesting and flows better on the smaller size. Despite this being a success, I still wanted to try and improve on my composition skills on an A1 sheet, and so I did my idea development on an A1 page. This time it came out slightly better, as I started in the middle, rather than one side, however I still feel that it seems quite open and empty.

For my actual glass pieces, I was quite happy with how they turned out. The glass wasn’t too difficult to cut, and if it was difficult to snap, you hadn’t scored it right. On one occasion I was gripping the glass too tightly and when the glass finally snapped, my hand slipped causing the glass the cut into my knuckles. Apart from the one slip up, the rest went quite smoothly, however I wish I had spent less time on the practice pieces, as I was rushed to finish my coasters. This meant that the pen I used to draw the outline with came out quite shakey.

As well as the fused glass, we slumped some glass bottles that could be used as ornaments or possibly coasters too.



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