Ceramics Midpoint Review

At the end of the first week on the 3D project of Ceramics and Glass, overall, I’m not very happy with the progress I’ve made. My overall time management wasn’t very good as the majority of the first two days I spent trying to sort out printing images of artists work. This took allot of time out of time I could’ve spent on my research sheet. This resulted in my research sheet being unfinished by the end of the week. Even after finishing the sheet, I feel that it doesn’t come together very well, and I found it difficult to make the composition work on such a large scale.

For the next week on glass, I want to improve on both these aspects. I am going to do my research on glass artists in my sketchbook, as I find it easier to this research on a smaller scale. However, I do want to try again at doing composition on a large scale, so I will do the idea development sheet on an A1 size – and try to vary the scale and media used, and also overlap the images more. To improve on my time management, I’m going to aim to have researched and printed out images for my artists all on the first day, ready to start my sketchbook in the evening and morning of the second day. That will leave me longer to do my A1 development sheet, which I will probably find more difficult and time consuming to complete.


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