Kaleidoscope Patterns

As well as the patterns that used more traditional media, I really liked the more photographic patterns I had found in my research (hfjhfio). Using the photos I took at Eden, I wanted to do something similar and also incorporate the geometric, hexagonal roof of the biodomes into the way the pattern is repeated.

The original triangle image made from Eden photos, that I repeated round in a hexagonal shape


After making the first pattern, I wasn’t very happy with how it turned out. The first issue I had was with the placement of the flowers. The centre flower wasn’t quite centred properly, so when I repeated the image round, the central part came out quite lopsided. The second issue I had was when I deleted the excess image around the triangle. I wasn’t very accurate with rubbing out around the triangle outline I had drawn over the images, meaning that the lengths of the edges weren’t equal. When it came to repeating the pattern, this meant that the images didn’t perfectly line up and caused some areas to be slightly out of line. I also didn’t really like the colours as a whole, as I feel that they are very overpowering.


In my second attempt, I improved on the alignment of the triangles by making a layer that was solid colour apart from  the triangle area. This made it allot easier to just select and delete the solid colour once all the the layers had been merged.


I also made sure that my images were aligned correctly, so that it would come out evenly when repeated round. For the second pattern I wanted to make the hexagonal shape more obvious, so I used an abstraction of a photo I took of a melting ice cube. This also meant that the colours weren’t as overpowering and worked better together.


To move forward, I would like to try and make some patterns in a similar style, but also edit and play around with the colours more.


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